Welcome to Heavenly Oriental Rugs

Welcome to Heavenly Oriental Rugs . Heavenly Rugs is not just all about the sales. It's about the Passion for one of the finest arts and a dream being fulfilled. Heavenly Rugs is a family-owned and operated business that is known for their superb quality rugs.

Heavenly Rugs was founded by Heydar Omrani, and his wife Kim. They opened their showroom in June 2007, with a commitment to provide excellent service. We stand proudly behind every rug we sell.

Mr. Omrani, whose family is from Iran, has always been involved in rug weaving. His Mother and Grandmother are both Master Weavers. He has several Cousins who still weave the finest Persian rugs. With three generations of experience, we would be happy to educate you in areas of identification, value, and any other questions you may have. Mr. Omrani's love and passion for hand-woven oriental rugs has been his life work. Using his experienced eye and knowledge, he selects the most beautiful oriental rugs. As a Direct Importer, Heavenly rugs hand picks the finest quality, and most beautiful rugs from Iran, India, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Our goal is focused on Customer satifaction. It would be our pleasure to assist you in findings that special rug for your home or office at an affordable price.

Rug Care Tips

Padding. A good quality pad under your oriental rug can keep it from moving or wrinkling. With a good pad, the life of a rug can double. We will be happy to provide you with the correct padding for your rug.

Storing. Rugs stored in a humid, damp or poorly ventilated room may cause mildew that has an odor, discolors fabrics and weakens causing the fabric to fall to pieces. Never leave an oriental rug wet, it will develop mildwe if not dried.

Rug Care. Your oriental rug deserves the care and attention you would give to any fine possession considering it is a valuable work or art.

Vacuuming. Never vacuum against the nap of the rug. Before you vacuum, run your hand across the pile from fringe to fringe to determine the nap lay. Sweeping with a broom is best for the fringes. The fringe can break and tear with continuous vacuuming. As a general rule, vacuum with low-level suction and always use a new bag.

Rug Rotation. It is best to rotate your rug frequently from sunny areas. We recommend once a year to ensure even wear. If an oriental rug is in continuous bright sunlight, it may cause damage to the dyed fibers.

Professional Rug Services

We provide an affordable professional repair service. The beauty of a hand-woven rug is that when damage happens to the rug it can be repaired.

Professional Cleaning Oriental rugs can survive centuries in good condition, if given careful treatment and consideration. Hand-woven rugs can be a timeless treasure enjoyed by many generations. Cleaning your rug brings out the softness of the wool and richness of color. We recommend that you have your rug cleaned at least once every two years for normal traffic rugs. Heavy traffic rugs may require more regular cleaning. Heavenly Oriental Rugs specializes in hand washing and dry cleaning. We also provide moth proofing, deodorizing and stain removal services.

Stains Stains such as tea, coffee and soft drinks such as cola, Kool Aid and red wine cannot be totallay removed once the spot has dried. Pet accidents may cause permanent damage to the wool fiber or dye, especially if left untreated. We suggest that you to immediately contact a professional rug cleaner when any of these occur.

Designer Services We work with designers and interior decorators to select that special rug to meet their client's needs and budgets. We also have a list of local designers to recommend!

Appraisals If you have an oriental rug and you are uncertain about its value and would like to know or you need to know for insurance purposes, please bring your rug to our showroom or we can send a qualified appraiser to your home who will inspect your rug and insure you a certificate of appraisal.

Lifetime Trade Our lifetime trade policy guarantees the value of each rug we sell to our customers. When you need to change a rug, have a desire for a newer design or have a different sized room to decorate, its great to know that the loyalty and excellent customer service of Heavenly Oriental Rugs will be there to help you find another rug that perfectly fits your new situation. We also buy rugs as well. Ask for details.

Runner Installation Installing a runner up and down your stairway will protect from potential injury should you or any children fall. It also helps to reduce the noise. Heydar Omrani professionally installs runners himself.